Love is the greatest gift God ever gave

Love is the greatest gift God ever gave man. Love ┬áis not wanting to go anywhere without her. Love is when you feel depressed and sickly without her. Love is caring for her physicaly and emotionally. It’s telling her everyday anytime anywhere anyhow for no just reason that you love her. Love is telling her you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Love is wanting to hold her in your arms until the end of time. Love is being helplessly and deeply in love with her and knowing your love and feelings for her will never change/end.

Urban Dictionary


Warm weather and the human barometer

I love the warm weather. Its difficult for those with chronic pain to adjust to a rapid weather change. It was freezing temps earlier this week and today its in the high thirties and low forties. When anyone suffers chronic pain it makes it difficult to live a normal life. Yesterday, though I hurt I thought about how nice it would be to have a regular job I could go to every day and how much people take it for granted having the ability to go to work. Today, as the pain is more severe the reality sets in why I do not have a job like the average person. Because I am not the average person. I do have blessings in this. When the blessings seem hard to find its best to look to all the positives and ponder all the possibilities. Upbeat music, good coffee, sunlight, and happy thoughts all lesson chronic pain. When I wake with pain I cannot stay in bed. I would think it would help to lay in bed and sleep in if I don’t feel well but my pain is worsened when I lay in bed. So I get out of bed. I shower and dress myself in a way that makes me smile and feel good about how I look. Even if I feel like the utmost worst, looking nice can bring a smile to a gloomy day. I love to write so I head to Starbucks and blog. Some days when the pain is less I make things. Crafting definitely takes one’s mind off pain. For today, I sit in Starbucks and soak up the aromas of all the different coffees, listen to soothing music and type my pain away. Chronic pain is here to stay. It never leaves me. Some days it is a 4 out of 10 and other days (like today) it is an 8 or 9 out of 10. And on those days I press into God and into whatever takes my mind to a better place. Even though I would rather be biking, hiking, running, socializing or working a daily job I will smile and do something that makes my day a sunny day. I could sit and be gloomy and mope for my gloomy day but I do not. I would rather shine and let anyone who understands chronic pain know there is hope. For I am created for something so much more than just me. I am created for the purpose of loving others and showing others love. I am created by God to show His glory in all things, even pain. If my job is surviving pain, then I will survive and let Him shine through me as though it is my full time job that I love. Today, I worship God in my toughest moments and thank Him for these moments. It is these moments that remind me how blessed I am to have the really good time! If this inspires just one person my pain has not been in vein but worth it for today. Be blessed.