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ImageI try to write something new every day. Some days I miss a day because my days run together with projects. This week has been a week that ran together from one project to another. As I helped a friend keep her baby I started painting a new project for my husband. He asked me to paint a logo on some cornhole boards. WOW! I took on a huge project! Not complaining at all. I loved doing it for him but it took a lot of time so I could make sure these one of a kind originals were to my perfection.

I may be hired to paint the boards from here out. There are some advantages to hand painted logos instead of decals. Decals fade in time. Hand painted is forever and looks sharper. Matching the paint to the decal is difficult. The paint used to paint the board is the same paint used to paint the logo so it matches perfectly.

It was a fun project. I look forward to painting more as this is sport that is growing more popular I’m sure there will be many more orders to come. If you would like to see more you can check out the information listed below.


Etsy: JosersCustomCornhole






Hand painted acrylic on canvas
Now for sale on Etsy
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Bird with Red Poppies

Bird with Red Poppies

Bird with Red Poppies
Now for sale on Etsy
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Free pattern for a cowl scarf.

Free pattern for a cowl scarf. Check it out.

Artists Frenzy

Jill cowl 004 sm

My daughter asked me to make her a scarf she had seen on the internet. She loves it. She is a cancer survivor and wanted to help cover some of the scars.

Instructions for Jill’s Cowl Scarf: I cast on 80 stitches knit wise. I knit in circular and knit the entire skein, saving just enough yarn to cast off. Then I buried the tails in the knitting. The needles I  used were size 9 circular needles. The yarn I used was Yarn Bee Boucle Traditions. This is such a simple and easy scarf to make. I was impressed with how nice it turned out and I only used one skein of yarn.

Please let me know if you make one and what you thought of your finished scarf.

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Infinity scarf pattern …Free

Free patern to knit an infinity scarf!

Artists Frenzy

Jill inf scarf 001 sm

This is the first infinity scarf that I made for Jill. She is a cancer survivor and was wanting to help hide some of the scars. We didn’t have any pattern so I just started knitting. I don’t think it turned out too bad, but maybe a bit long. It does look nice if you loop it around one more time.

Here are the instructions. I cast on 125 stitches knitwise, using  size # nine circular knitting needles. The yarn  I used was Yarn Bee Boucle Traditions. I knit in the round until I had just enough yarn to cast off. Then I cast off and buried the ends of the yarn in the knitting.  I think it turned out really nice. Let me know if you knit one and what you think of your finished scarf.

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Cornhole Boards Made To Order!!

Cornhole Boards Made To Order!!

Now for sale on Etsy at JosersCustomCornhole




Hot Pink Granny Square Afghan


Now for sale
Pink Black and White Afghan
Cancer Awareness, Pink Striped Zebra, or Barbie colors inspired
Check out JillyBeansStudio on Etsy
All special orders welcome!

I am going to make this. It would be a fun inexpensive Christmas present.

Thing-a-Day Forever

2/19 – Paper ornament.  Inspired by this Pinterest post. Made the pattern in Illustrator, sent it to my Silhouette Cameo and put it together pretty quickly. So pretty! And almost like a puzzle to put together. I really enjoyed making this one.   I attached the pattern I made as well. 12 pieces are used and could be cut out of paper.  No fancy paper cutting machine required.  🙂

ornament piece

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Gift Bags. Handmade. Cute idea.

I love this idea!

Homegrown Joy

I found this really nifty project on one of my favorite blogs, How About Orange.  Using some plain white envelopes and pretty washi tape, you can create little bags perfect for party favors or tiny gifts.  Go ahead a create a few today just for fun!

Envelope Bags

You’ll need an envelope, decorative tape, and scissors. I used 4 3/8″ x 5 3/4″ envelopes, but any size will work.

Seal the envelope and trim off one of the short sides to make an opening.

Wrap tape around both sides of the envelope. No need to cover the last inch, since it will form the bottom of the bag.

Fold about one inch of each side of the bag toward the middle; then fold the bottom upwards, creasing your folds well. You can vary the width of these flaps depending on the proportion of the bag you want. Flip the…

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