iphone pix 2012 003About ME! I am a cancer survivor living with chronic pain. My normal pain level is a 4 or 5 on a good day and 9 on a bad day. I was diagnosed at age 30 with cancer of the head and neck. When I was given a bad prognosis I told each dr. that I didnt have a date stamped on the bottom of my foot. I was told I wouldnt swallow or speak again. I would have a feeding tube for the rest of my life and write or sign my words. This was not acceptable for me. I prayed and believed God would bring me to a full recovery. I almost died during chemo and radiation becasue I had three infections (I had phneumonia and a black mass the size of a baseball in my lung.) My drs. were surprised I survived and my speech was recovered. Even more so, they were surprised when my feeding tube was removed because I beat the odds and could swallow again! I am a living tesimony!

I am happily married to the most amazing husband and we together have five children. Life is a journey! I cannot work a regular job because of the chronic pain. I love to bake, paint, crochet, and create things as a means of positive therapy. I don’t let the pain get me down. Instead I find the joys and cherrish the life I have been given. God bless!


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