Ten ways to have a happy husband

  1. Exercise and eat healthy. This is good for both, husband and wife. Exercise keeps you fit so you can look good for your spouse. Eating healthy makes you feel good and makes you a happier wife. Both keep you looking younger longer.
  2. Keep a clean home. He works all day and shouldn’t have to come home to a messy home if you stay home. If you don’t stay home keep a cleaning plan so the two of you can work together to keep your home clean. If you have children give them chores and let them help out too.
  3. Laughter is medicine for the soul. Laughter heals. Enjoy one another and keep laughing. Watch a funny movie together, tell jokes, tickle and play with one another. Keep laughter in your marriage.
  4. Be his friend. When he leaves for work tell him to have a nice day. Give him a hug good-bye. When he comes home greet him with a smile and a hello. How was your day honey. Be sincere and listen to his response. He works all day to support your home. Respect him and make him feel good about coming home.
  5. If you stay home or get home before he does burn his favorite candles. Make your home smell good. It’s always inviting to walk into a cozy home that smells good. If you enjoy baking bake cookies. Cookies make a home smell yummy.
  6. Love him with all your heart. Don’t use sex as a weapon and don’t withhold sex from your spouse as punishment. This is damaging to a marriage.
  7. Dont nag at your husband. especially if he has to work over or if he’s a few minutes late. He doesn’t want to work late, but he surely wont want to come home if his wife is nagging as soon as he walks in the door.
  8. Give him praises often. Tell him he looks nice. At least once a day tell him something nice about him. Build him up and he will want to be a better husband and this will make you a happier wife.
  9. Have dinner ready and the table set before he walks in the door. Time spent at the table is priceless. Walking in the door to a home cooked meal makes a happy husband. If you work from home or are a homemaker this is easy. What if you work outside the home? Bring dinner home, and set the table when you get home. Do whatever works best for your family and lifestyle but make sure you sit together as a family for dinner. These moments build stronger relationships.
  10. Pray for your husband. Ask God to keep him from temptation of whatever sin is a challenge for him. Pray for his time spent at work and his health. Lift him up to the Lord and ask God to make him a good husband leader in your home.

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