I’m a southern girl at heart. I spent the last fifteen years in the south and moved to the north last year. I am undergoing my first real winter with snow. I love the people here but the snow is overwhelming. It surely gives a girl cabin fever.

I plan to work on many afghans, paint and do other arts and crafts. These things all help defeat that overwhelming cabin fever. However, getting there is the difficult part. I remember more cool days minus snow in the south. I ran outside nearly all year round down there. Ive found there is no running outside with snow and cold temps here. I suffer chronic pain and it is definitely worse in the cold weather.

I guess I wonder what do people in the north do in the winter? Hibernate in the bars? There are bars on each corner like there are churches in the south. Do they gather in each others homes and hang out? Please tell me because this seems to be the longest winter.

I feel bad because I haven’t had anything to blog about. I feel kind of bla sitting inside for days with this weather. It is pretty but the winter in the north is by far my least favorite season. I need some motivation. I should have an open house and show my paintings, jewelry, crochet blankets, and other homemade crafts. Does anyone do this? Maybe a new concept.


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