Seven highly effective ways to boost your etsy sales

1. Offer coupons and special offers for return customers.

2. Search Etsy forums for guest bloggers. Guest blog on other bloggers blogs. This is free advertisement.

3. Do a give away! Give one or more of your handmade items to a blogger for a giveaway on his or her blog. Include a return customer discount with the free item.

4. Design and include a business card with each Etsy sale. Include a customer discount on your business card for first time and return customers.

5. Holiday sales are a sure way to draw new customers to your Etsy.

6. Advertise “twenty items under twenty dollars (set your price and number of items).” This is an attention grabber for customers. Shoppers always want a bargain.

7. Photography is everything. When you purchase a hot meal at your favorite diner you made it there because you thought the food looked good or a friend thought so and told you about it. A really great photo will sell your work. Remember to use all the photo spots allowed. Don’t waste your money by not using one or more of the photo spots.


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