Crunchy No Bake Cookies

1 cup sugar
1 cup Karo syrup
2 cups peanut butter
4 cups corn flakes (I used Special K cinnamon pecan)
wax paper
chocolate to drizzel over the top

Bring the Karo and sugar to a boil in a small pan on the stove.
Remove from the stove and add peanut butter in a large bowl.
Add the cereal (frosted flakes or your choice) to the mixture in the bowl.
Stir well and spoon out into cookie sixed bites on the wax paper.
Cool and enjoy. Perfect for a pot luck, birthday party, family or friend gathering or an afternoon snack.


Everyone who has been given much, much more will be asked.

I had a revelation today. Sometimes a revelation is meant for one person and other times its meant to be shared. I believe there are millions out there that this was meant to be shared.

Luke 12:47,48 reads; That servant who knows his master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what his master wants will be beaten with many blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

The relevance of this scripture can never be more true than when a person has survived a near death experience or of one who lives with chronic pain. He prepares those who have been through much and endure much tribulation with His daily word, a direct line of communication through prayer.

For those who seek God in times of need draw nearer to him and know him more. For that we are blessed. God in turn will use your experience to bless and grow other’s faith. This is where the ‘from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded’ and ‘from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.’

To recieve God’s blessing stay in his word daily, use that open line of communication through prayer, and show his love through your actions with others.


I’m a southern girl at heart. I spent the last fifteen years in the south and moved to the north last year. I am undergoing my first real winter with snow. I love the people here but the snow is overwhelming. It surely gives a girl cabin fever.

I plan to work on many afghans, paint and do other arts and crafts. These things all help defeat that overwhelming cabin fever. However, getting there is the difficult part. I remember more cool days minus snow in the south. I ran outside nearly all year round down there. Ive found there is no running outside with snow and cold temps here. I suffer chronic pain and it is definitely worse in the cold weather.

I guess I wonder what do people in the north do in the winter? Hibernate in the bars? There are bars on each corner like there are churches in the south. Do they gather in each others homes and hang out? Please tell me because this seems to be the longest winter.

I feel bad because I haven’t had anything to blog about. I feel kind of bla sitting inside for days with this weather. It is pretty but the winter in the north is by far my least favorite season. I need some motivation. I should have an open house and show my paintings, jewelry, crochet blankets, and other homemade crafts. Does anyone do this? Maybe a new concept.

How to make perfect cake pops.


When I set my mind to do something I work at it until I have perfected it in a way that works best for me. I love to do this is my crafts and in my baking. The prettiest cake pops I have ever made were for my son’s birthday party. I made almond, lemon, strawberry, and funfetti flavored cake pops. I used the chocolate melts that coordinated with the flavor and decorated the foam I stuck the sticks in. I used the strawberry cake mix for the strawberry flavored cake and almond flavoring in a plain cake mix for the almond. The lemon flavoring can be used but if you find a lemon flavored cake mix that can be used as well. Its your personal preference. I served them frozen. The kids loved them!

I have to admit it was time-consuming but I had a lot of fun making them with my daughter’s help. My most important thing to know when making cake pops is to keep the chocolate for dipping at a perfect consistency. If you add the right amount of oil (a very small amount, and depends on the amount of chocolate) the cake pops are easy to cover. The frosting coats the cake pop with a smooth layer of frosting and it looks yummy! Good luck and enjoy!


Bake one confetti cake mix. Let it cool and crumble the cake mix. Add one container of Pillsbury frosting to the crumbled cake mix. If you wish to add flavoring add it in the cake mixture now. This is optional. I added a few drops of almond flavoring to mine. Be careful not to add too much if you are using the oil. It only takes a couple drops for the whole cake mix and can be overpowering. Let this combination cool in the refrigerator for an hour or until it is easy to form cake balls.


Melt one to two bags of candy melts (found at Hobby Lobby or JoAnns Fabrics) until creamy. I add about a teaspoon of oil (corn, vegetable, or peanut; it doesn’t matter). This makes the chocolate a smoother consistency and easier to dip the cake pops. Dip each stick into the melted chocolate and stick half way down inside the cake balls. This helps the stick stay inserted into the cake pop. Place them on a flat tray with wax paper beneath. I freeze the cake pops after all the sticks are inserted. This allows the chocolate to stick better for the next step.


Once frozen (you may have to melt the chocolate again) dip the cake balls into the chocolate. Make sure the cake pops have a good layer of chocolate around the whole cake pop. Use a foam wreath or a large foam rectangle (also found in a hobby store) to stick the cake pop sticks in for cooling. If you desire to add sprinkles add them now before your chocolate hardens or becomes cool. Once cool wrap in individual wrappers. I freeze my cake pops until I am ready to serve them. You may choose to place in your the refrigerator. This is optional.


being sara harris

Chances are you already have everything you need to make non-toxic natural cleaning supplies in your home right now. Cost effective, healthy, and scents that bring a smile to your face making cleaning more fun!  I’ve dabbled in making and using natural cleaning products in the past but never stuck with anything until a few months ago.  After a summer of canning and eating fresh vegetables right off the farm; increasing my awareness of what I was putting in my body, I started thinking more about what the rest of my body (skin, lungs, eyes) was coming in contact with on a daily basis.  I was sick (literally) of those fake smelling cleaners that were brightly colored containing chemicals I couldn’t pronounce.  My favorite part of making my own natural cleaners is choosing an essential oil to add giving it an amazing smell and finding a jazzy spray bottle at…

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When one prayer isnt answered its because God has a greater plan.

I know God can take away cancer but sometimes He doesn’t. We have to understand there is a purpose for everything in our lives that happens. Good or bad, God is there. He carries us through the times we are too weak to walk this walk. I prayed for God to take away my cancer. You know those people who go to the dr. and are told they have cancer and return for another appointment and the cancer is gone. Yeah, I wanted that to be me! I prayed and asked God to please take it away. He is a God of miracles. He didn’t take mine away.

Was it because I lacked faith? Did I use up all my good prayers on other things that didn’t matter as much? Did God leave me? All these questions went through my head. No was the answer to all these. I had faith or I wouldn’t be seeking Him for help. God tells us to pray for everything. He didn’t leave me. I experienced Him throughout the illness and I still do. Some things happen because God has a greater purpose for us. I feel strongly I endured this so many will find salvation through Jesus Christ by my testimony. I have so many to share. When one prayer isnt answered it’s because God has a greater plan for us in the future. We don’t know what His plan is because we live in time. God is eternal.

When I started to recover I prayed and asked God to use me. I told Him I know the plans He has for me are great. I was still weak but strong-willed and wanted God to show me what I endured wasnt for vein. Within ten minutes of that prayer I received a phone call and my pastor wanted me to share my testimony in front of the church. This was a church of over 3,000 people. I couldn’t speak well because I had three-fourths of my tongue removed from cancer. I was so excited God answered my prayer so fast. That is a huge faith builder when God does this. All I had to do was make myself available and He used me.

My pastor contacted me the day after I gave my testimony. He said there was a man who visited our church that day. He didn’t go to church or believe in God. He wore leather, had long hair, had tattoos all over, and was a big tough guy. I’m not trying to stereotype because I know everybody needs jesus and there are plenty of people who go to church with tattoos. The man went to lunch with my pastor after church and told my pastor if I could go in front of the church and share my story fearlessly he wanted to know our God. He also told my pastor he was happy to see the love the church had for me.

Throughout the time I was sick God gave me so much. He was there when I needed Him the most. In this time He was sending people to me who needed to know Him. Because I had strong faith during this time I was and still am a living testimony of His love. I believe if one person came to know Christ through my illness it wasnt for vein. God used this time to grow my faith, bring others to know Him and make good changes in may people’s lives.

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A Testimony During My Cancer Experience

I have decided to blog about my personal experience with cancer. Since it is the one thing that has turned my life upside down. Five years ago I was touched by cancer and it rocked my world. I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. The drs. didn’t give me a good prognosis and told me it would be a miracle if I survived. My immediate response was, “You don’t know my Jesus and I don’t have an expiration date stamped on the bottom of my foot.” And so I chose to believe I would survive. I did and I am here to spread hope to all other people who endure cancer and other life challenges.

I am an artist and a visual person. Pictures make a story more real. I am sharing the following pictures not for you sympathy but so you can see how real cancer is and how far I have come becasue of my faith in God. These pictures are my during and after cancer pictures.

IMG_3498 IMG_0480

I would like to share about a particular story that was a serious turning point in my battle with cancer. I had chemo and a fifteen hour surgery to remove three fourths of my tongue and a muscle graft from my leg to my throat. (Then, radiation and more chemo to follow up the chemo and surgery.) I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t speak. Cancer is a lonely disease anyway but my inability to speak made me feel lost inside myself. My ex-husband (husband at the time) lacked compassion for me when I needed it most. So as he was impatient with my lack of speech I felt scared and began to wonder if I would ever speak again. I had a two hour trip to Nashville for a follow up after my surgery. I spent that two hour trip in tears and praying for God to give me a special message. I wanted him to answer me thorough a Dr or a person and tell me everything would be okay. I wanted to know I would speak again. The drs. told me that was a possibility, that I wouldn’t speak again. This was heavy on my heart. And so I asked God for a special message or for him to speak to me in a way I knew it was from him.

I made it to Vanderbilt in Nashville. The two hour trip felt like twelve. I cried and prayed the whole two hours there. After finding the ortolaryngology clinic I sat in the waiting room and prayed and cried some more. A woman across the room kept staring at me. I was used to this at this point. People stare when they see a cancer patient. Maybe the lack of hair, the scarf over my head or the NG tube hanging out my nose (used to feed me after my surgery.) I didn’t mind it at this point. She got up and slowly walked across the room to me. I had a notebook and pen in my lap. She asked to see it and began to write. This was unusual because most people just spoke to me but she wrote in my notebook. She said she was one of my Dr’s first patients and she told me I would be okay. She told me she felt compelled by God to tell me I would speak again one day. She was one of Dr. Burkeys first patients fifteen years ago. She reassured me of everything I asked God to reveal to me on the way there. She also confirmed she felt God tell her to get up, walk across the room, and deliver this message to me. God is great all the time. He revealed things like this to me throughout my illness. I will share more of these things in ‘Me and my journey.’

No matter how strong you are there are times in your life when you wont be strong enough to carry yourself through that moment. In those moments I leaned on God and found I made it. I couldn’t have done it on my own. Trust Him and lean into Him when you feel helpless. He will endure for you.

I must try these!

Thing-a-Day Forever


Had a couple of bananas in the “brown and squishy” state, which means baking time. I only had two left though, so the muffins are slightly less banana-ish than usual. But still pretty tasty. For those interested, recipe is here

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