Any successful business sets goals (ETSY)

IMG_3352IMG_3349Any successful business sets goals.

I made 8 loaves of homemade banana bread. I worked on my newest project, my patchwork afghan. And, finished laundry and dirtied a whole sink of dishes while making banana bread. I have several new pieces of jewelry to list on etsy and a new children’s afghan. This weekend I found myself going in ten different directions. I always feel more productive when I begin my monday morning with a list of goals for the day and the week. Monday, today I decided I still have ten things to begin, wrap up, or work on because I have no general direction. It is important if you are running any business to set goals. I find this particularly important in my etsy business but also to accomplish regular daily life challenges.

I find it helpful to accomplish tasks by setting short-term and long-term goals. Two lists and both include everything in order from most important to least important. The short-term goals include a list of daily tasks for that day. Short term may include dishes, wash rugs and curtains, bake a cake, finish gift cards, and work on my large afghan for one hour. The long-term goals may include a list of tasks a month in advance. This list may contain a list of items I’d like to complete for my month of etsy listings or a dollar amount I would like to meet by the end of the month. Another long-term list may include a year in advance. These can include a list of bills I would like to pay off or a certain dollar amount I would like to accomplish selling on etsy.

It is important to set goals to keep from running circles on a daily basis. Also, it helps one obtain a higher standard for one’s business, and daily, monthly, or yearly accomplishments. Keep from running circles like I did this weekend because I have found I rarely get anywhere fast if I am not completing anything. I feel like I am endlessly wondering. It’s important to run any successful business by setting goals. Good luck!


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