God sent an angel today!

God sent an angel to my home today. While figuring bills I came to realize it was going to be another month deciding what bills to put off and calculating my late fees. It seems as soon as we get close to catching up we accumulate another dr bill, late fee, or unexpected expense. Its been tough. especially tough through December with more bills than income and five kids. I used to give to the angel tree and buy gifts for needy families. For the first time we were the needy family. God sent an angel to help us with the kids Christmas presents and food in December. Last month he provided financially through unexpected small jobs. He has blessed us each month. Not just our health but each time it seems we aren’t going to make it He provides by the end of the month. Today as I figured bills and noticed the money was a huge amount less than our bills I prayed. I began praying and through tears and I heard my phone ring. An angel on the other end, a life long best friend asked if she could bring me lunch. She arrived with lunch and looked over my bills and covered the bills I didn’t have the financial ability to cover. Thank you God for your angels! You never know when you might be an angel to another person. I used to be that for people and now when I need it God sends unexpected angels to me. Praise God and Thank you for our excellent health!


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