I am going to try this soon! Yummy


White Chocolate Mochawhite-chocolate-mocha

2 shots espresso

3 squirts white chocolate syrup

1 cup milk (whole milk is best)

Real whipped cream (optional)

First,  squirt the white chocolate syrup into your cup. (The more, the tastier!) Then, whisk the milk in a sauce pan over medium heat until it begins to foam and you see steam. If you have an espresso machine at home, steam the milk until there is a light foam on top. (True lattes have less foam, though. (Roughly 1/4 espresso, 1/2 milk, 1/4 foam if you’re foaming on the heavy side.) Depending on your desire for whipped cream or not, you can steam more or less foam. Add the milk to your syruped cup.  Prepare your espresso and add it IMMEDIATELY to your cup; otherwise, the espresso will go sour. Finally, add as much whipped cream as you can to the top of your mocha and drizzle…

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