Gumbo and Roux Recipe

gumbo 012Roux (the base of gumbo)

Roux is made of one part flour to one part fat. I use one cup of butter to one cup of flour. You can use bacon grease or any fat you choose.
Melt the butter and slowly add the flour. Its imporant to add the flour slow enough the base stays a liquid while stirring. You do not want to make a bisquit in your gumbo pot! You have plenty of time to do this as it takes an hour (more or less) to make the roux. Stir the roux until it turns the color you like (It can be light or dark brown. Don’t burn it!) and add the desired amount of water and ingredients.

I add about two cups of uncooked rice (the rice is cooked when I add it to the gumbo pot)
1 sauted onion
1 green pepper (steamed or cooked)
1 can of drained black beans
4 large chicken breasts (fully cooked)

gumbo1 001

You can add any vegetable and any meat you wish into your gumbo.

Roux can be light brown (the color of peanut butter) or dark (like dark chocolate.) I like the dark roux. I believe it gives it a richer taste. Be very careful not to overcook your roux or burn it. I have done this. We ordered pizza!

I dont make my gumbo spicy but you can make it as spicey as you like.

Gumbo is best served with warm bread. Pillsbury makes a loaf of bread in a can that is wonderful if you dont feel like makeing home made after cooking a pot of gumbo.


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