Five Steps To Lesson Chronic Pain


1. Relax

  • Reduce stress. Stress makes chronic pain worse.
  • Play soft music (I use praise music.)
  • Meditate (I meditate on God.)
  • Guided imagery (I think of my favorite place, the beach.)
  • Guided Muscle Relaxation

2. Take care of your body. (Exercise & Diet)

  • Exercise naturally boosts your body’s endorphins which reduces pain and depression.
  • Exercsie increases blood flow increasing your ability to use prescribed medications, and a healthy heart.
  • Exercsie makes your muscles and bones stronger.
  • A healthy diet increases your body’s ability to fight cancer and other illnesses
  • A healthy diet fights depression (Depression and chronic pain interplay.)
  • Try juicing! Juice a colorful variety of fruits and veggies! Juicing naturally extracts natures vitamins and minerals helping fight illness, chronic pain, and makes the body feel better.
  • Eating healthy and exercise boosts the immune system making you feel and look better.
  • Always ask your dr. before beginning any new diet or exercise routine.

3. Friends, Family & Laughter

  • Having friends, family, or a support group increases your lifeline! True! Those with a good network of friends and family are proven to live longer.
  • Laughing with friends and family increases longevity!
  • Increases the way you feel about life, your situation, and your response to pain.
  • Love makes us feel complete and lessons depression and anxiety (which intensifies pain.)
  • If you don’t have family close, or a group of friends find a support group online or through your dr. Search for a church or join a fun group of people with like interests (ie: fishing, hunting, running, hiking, bowling, knitting, etc..)

4. Find a hobby, job you enjoy, and donate your time.

  • A hobby or a job you enjoy takes the focus of you, and off the pain.
  • A job you enjoy will increase your happiness, and refocus your pain.
  • Enjoy the job you have. You don’t have to look for a new job. Change your outlook on life and your job. Do it to your best ability God has given you and smile.

5. Find a way to donate your time.

  • Help in your community through a homeless shelter, local hospital or church. This will increase your sense of purpose. Life will have more meaning and takes the focus off you. Life is about so much more than just us and our pain. I understand this first hand.

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