Short And Sweet. Teddy Bear Race Cars.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have to try this with my kids!

I Sing In The Kitchen

Teddy Bear Race Cars


All together now:


Aren’t these teddy bears cute?

Teddy Bear Race Cars are the easiest things to make. They are adorable and, given the ingredients, taste yummy.

They would be perfect for a child’s party.

Teddy Bear Race Cars
Teddy Bear Race Cars


Fun sized Milky Ways or Snickers Bars
A box Teddy Grahams
M&Ms or Smarties, sorted into color groups
Small amount of melted chocolate to glue the “wheels” on


1. Make a small indent in the top of a Milky Way with a sharp knife and stick a Teddy Graham gently in. (The Teddies with their legs together are easier to insert than the legs opened ones…..if that makes sense.)
Teddy Grahams Legs Open
Teddy Grahams Legs Together
Use sharp knife to make slit

Note: It’s really hard not to make the chocolate coating crack. No worries, they still look so cute.

2. Dab some melted chocolate on M&Ms and affix to sides of car as wheels.

Recipe from Five Hive
Teddy Bear Race Car
Teddy Bear Race Cars

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