I love this idea!! Pinterest potluck!

mrs. and the misc.

It seems like recently – probably because of Pinterest – dinner parties have gotten complicated. Now to have friends over for socializing and refreshments, you have to come up with a signature cocktail and serve them in handmade cups. Or pick a unique theme and make your visitors come dressed in costume. (Whatever happened to good old-fashioned dinner parties and low-key barbecues?)
I complain, but recently, I decided to throw a specialty shindig of my own. The purpose was to appease all those who wanted to come see the new house and asked if we’d be throwing a housewarming party (I didn’t want to host a party for which guests felt inclined to buy gifts). A bunch of our friends had yet to see our new house, but having that many people over had the potential to get expensive (especially if you’re like me and you always overdo it and…

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