Stress Reliever and chronic pain


I live with chronic pain from treatments preceding cancer of the head and neck. My advice for anyone living with chronic, physical, and or emotional pain is to use your talents God has given you in a way that will help you to enjoy the life He has given you. Life is not perfect. Nor did He promise a perfect life but it is definetly worth it.

Ive found the best form of therapy through using my God-given talents. I enjoy painting, prophetic art, crocheting, making jewelry and photography. After cancer I have found it difficult to return to work with chronic pain. I have found the best setting for relaxation brings forth my best work! When I begin to make anything I first pray over the work that it brings blessings to the one who receives it and I invite God into my home. I open my blinds, light a candle, make coffee, and I begin painting (or crocheting, jewelry making etc…) If I make my setting relaxing and I invite God in my studio while I paint. Because my art becomes a joy through His presence my work is more beautiful.

I opened an etsy shop to help with bills and to support my therapy (talents/habbits.) Please show my shop some love and visit it at Etsy (Its called JillybeansStudio.) I am a new blogger and Im finding this to be a lot of fun. This may be my newest form of therapy as well.

Do what you enjoy and make sure it is pleasing to His Highest! And dont forget the most important of all; pray pray pray!


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